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Surrounding information

Guide around the hotel

  • Convenience store Coco

    Convenience store convenient on the 1st floor of the hotel.
  • B_Passage

    Shop space in Beppu Station premises.Souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, flowers, nail shops, fancy goods, pet service and so on.
  • TOKIWA Beppu Store

    Department store representing Oita prefecture.
  • Ekimae Koto Onsen

    There is a citizen hot spring on foot 30 seconds.
    "Koto-yu" will Koto-yu for 24 hours.Hot Spring Qualities(Carbon fountain, Sulfur spring).
    Efficacy(Burn, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gynecological illness).
    Price 100 yen, 300 yen(Koto-yu)
  • Kaimonji Onsen

    It is located about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel, and is a hot spring well-known not only for citizens but also for tourists.Renewed in 2010.
    "Atsu-yu" and "Nuru-yu" with different temperatures, it is easier for tourists who are not used to hot hot springs to take a bath.
    Bathing charge is 100 yen.
  • Takegawara Onsen

    (Hot spring, sand water) It is in about 7 minutes on foot.
    Hot Spring Qualities(Hydrogen carbonate spring, Chloride fountain)
    Indications (Nick, burn, chronic dermatitis)
    Price 100 yen
    Sand water 710 yen
  • Beppu Park

    It has an area of ​​27.3 ha, and various flowers can be seen every season and you can spend a relaxing time under the beautiful green tree.
    It is also used as an event venue.
    6 minutes on foot.
  • B-Con Plaza(B-CONPLAZA)

    Convention Hall of West Japan's largest scale which can accommodate up to 8000 people, Philharmonia Hall, Reception Hall, International Conference Hall, etc.
    There is also a global tower facing Beppu from the observation deck 100 meters above the ground.
    8 minutes on foot.
  • Beppu City General Gymnasium"Beppu Arena"

    The main arena (main stadium) is 2888 square meters in size, as well as international games, can also do professional sports competitions and national bodies.
    Boasting one of the largest sizes in Western Japan, it is a facility to serve as a base for sports in Beppu City.
    10 minutes on foot.

【Sister hotel】


    3 minutes on foot
  • Hotel Hayashi

    3 minutes on foot
  • Beppu Station Hotel Nishikan, Hotel Star

    5 minutes on foot
  • Seaside Hotel Mimatsu, Oyotei

    10 minutes on foot
  • Heaven Temple, Kiyosha

    10 minutes on foot